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The powder is loaded into a specialized container, either manually or via an automatic mechanism (such as a screw or cyclone system). It is then evenly dispersed onto the substrate by a needle roller equipped with an oscillating brush. This powder is activated by exposure to an IR field, using either an oven or a heater. Subsequently, a second substrate is introduced into the system via the top pressure roller of a calendar, where it is pressed against the first substrate coated with the activated powder adhesive. Alternatively, this powder scattering process can be integrated with a flatbed laminator for enhanced lamination quality.


Co Polyamide based powder adhesive, high performance product , with high heat resistance & dry cleaning resistance used in applications for Automotive industry, Car seat covers, Shoe/leather , leather foil, transfer printing , garment interlining & many others.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

High Heat Resistance

It has boiling water resistance.

Dry Cleaning Resistance

It can be used in application where dry cleaning is needed.

Excellent Bonding

Exhibits bonding with various substrates.

Enzyme wash & stone wash resistance

Widely used in Denim & other substrates.

Alkaline resistance

Excellent chemical & detergent resistance


Speciality low melting Polypropylene powder , used in applications for mattress ticking & carpets.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

low melting

It is low melting special grade of Polypropylne can be used on PP fibres & fabrics.


It can be used in application where dry cleaning is needed.


Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is soft , flexible in nature used for various application in Transfer printing, Shoe industry , conveyer belt &others, We also have Caprolactam based low melting TPU in our range.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Soft & flexible in nature

Applications in lingerie, under garments & lycra fabrics.

Low Melting Point

Can be used on heat sensitive material.

UV resistance

No yellowing & UV resistance material available.

High Elongation

Outlasts garments


Co Polyester polymer has adjustable flexibility, cost effective , slow to fast crystallization speed & it has high plasticizer resistance. widely used in automotive, Carpet , transfer printing ,Building & other Industries.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Versatile in nature

It can be used in wide range of applications.

Cost Effective

Very competitive prices makes this comfortable for large volume applications.

High Plasticizer Resistance

Can easily bond PVC & leather based products.

Wide temperature range

Suitable for various substrates.


This is newly developed product based on 100% biodegradable raw material, our grades have higher MFI to be used in various application for bonding in applications where 100 % bio degradation is important.


EVA is low melting polymer which has excellent bonding with lot of substrates, this product is used where washing requirements are not critical, EVA is used in leather, footwear, filtration, luggage industry , carpet industry in big volumes.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits


LDPE powder is commonly used for bonding for various industry Automotive, Shoes, carpet Industry etc.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits


HDPE powder has high wash resistance & high bonding used majorly in Garment Industry.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

High Wash Resistance

Wash resistance upto 90 degC.

Powder dot

Used in woven interlining for powder dot.