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Industries & Applications

Accessories-Handbags & Wallets

Handbag ,Wallets ,Backpack, Office &Gift Products, Desktop Items

Skillfully crafted lining and straps. Having supple, lightweight, and exceptionally durable shape and construction. We will help you make the best bags, office gift products, desktop items, small leather goods and wallets.

Features & Benefits


Due to structural bonding, the strength is durable, it does not age or de-bonds. Allows Wrinkle free bonding process.


Solvent free , Eco friendly product ,Low Voc ,Avoid messy liquids or solvent glue for cleaner process.

Lighter Products

The quantity of glue used is 4 grams - 30 grams sqr-mtr, wherein, liquid glues generally used is 60 grams - 200 grams sqr-mtr. The less usage of glue makes the products lighter.

More Supple

Due to less glue being used, the polymer used is softer compared to the other forms of glue used generally.

Better Aesthetics- Expands Design Scope

Allows sew-free, wrinkle-free products, which gives a room to unlimited design scope.


Only one pass helps keep the material thickness.Feel retention of original product , Flexibility of composite is consistent ,Seamless lines ,Soft Feel ,Strong Edges.


Endless possibility for your unique design ideas & innovation.


Sharp & strong edges ,Seamless lines.


Easy and clean production process,Better accountability,Uniform and consistent results ,No wastages ,Accurate Thermo adhesive consumption can be calculated easily Easy to manage all parameters.


  • Handbags & Wallet Internal components

  • Straps & handles

  • Gussets

  • Pockets

  • Patches

Automotive & Transportation

Leather Applications - Door Panel & Arm and Head Rests, NVH components , Foam Backing - PU Foam, Reticulated PU Foam, PIP Foam, Wadding/Needle Punched Non Woven/ Bi-Layer Backing - Wadding, Non-Woven/ Needle Punched, Bi-layer Backing (Foam Felt)

Kyotex Thermo in a variety of forms, depending on the desired performance, the adhesive is chosen. Build opportunities to design with our permanent, high-performance, VOC-free adhesives and films benefiting materials that are incompatible with bonding to provide advanced, lightweight construction for both interior and under-the-hood applications. To reduce weight fasteners and welds are replaced with adhesive, Track towards lightweight solutions.

Features & Benefits

Reduced Weight

Increased comfort and safety.


Reduced wrinkles & Pleads, Increases Embossing, Perforation Quality.


Strong Adhesive fastness. Sturdy bonds stay in shape throughout & even after the travel.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Provides protection, making the maintenance easier with unlimited design options.

Light Weight

Detach all nuts and bolts and thick seams from the design, to make it light weight.


Locks in performance while locking in moisture.


Helps to resolve the design making obstacles with a wide range of materials.

NVH properties

Increase in sound insulation properties.

low VOC products

Moving from solvent based, waster based to web , film & powder products.


  • Seat Heating & Seatbacks

  • Leather Applications - Door Panel & Arm and Head Rests

  • Foam Backing - PU Foam

  • Foam Backing- Reticulated PU Foam

  • Foam Backing- PIP Foam

  • Wadding

  • Non-Woven/ Needle Punched

  • Bi-layer Backing (Foam Felt) 3D Knit Spacer

  • Multi Knit Spacer

  • Knit Scrim

  • Warp Knit Scrim

  • Non-Woven Scrim

  • Blackout Sunshade

  • Pillars

  • Parcel Shelf

  • Headliners

  • Floor Mats

  • Filter Material

  • Trunk Liners

  • Damping Plate

Performance & Outer Wear

Apparel & Lingerie

Reconsidering the heating, waterproofing method. We have elements to help you create & differentiate while focusing on interesting details, a higher-functioning design gives you a sense of freedom and advantage. With Kyotex Thermo, athletic & inner wear has reached a new level. Kyotex Thermo’s apparel is what performance & outer wear was born to be.

Features & Benefits


Creating High-Performance Apparel, with the extraordinary & comfortable look, define your own performance.

Skin Comfort

Put an end to skin itching & irritation with improved performance.


On the way to say goodbye to moisture, traditional elastics and meshes.

Smooth Fit

A fit favorable to all body types.

Low Profile

To stand out, the sleek lines and the pointed edges adds to the quality.

Stich less & Seamless

Garments can be made stich less & seamless.

Compression, elasticity & Comfort

High recovery & comfortable bonding leads to smooth feeling.


  • Waterproof Seams

  • Cuffs & Hems

  • Hood Brims

  • Storm Flaps

  • Pockets

  • Closures

  • Reflectivity

  • Logos & Embellishments

  • Baffles

  • Zippers Athleisure

  • Leggings & Shorts

  • Waistbands

  • Sports Bras

  • Straps & Bra Wings

  • Tees & Tanks

  • Necklines & Edges

  • Activewear Jackets

  • Logos & Embellishments


Shoes, Sandals, Slipper

Kyotex Thermo helps one touch the feet light on the ground, by reducing weightage of the shoes. Replacing stitching and adhesives that dominate the new construction. Keep aside the athletic shoes rulebook and let your expectations fall short.

Features & Benefits


Our Technical Films Also Deliver Better Breathability And Waterproof Functionality in footwear with washing resistance. Keeping in pace with rain, snow, mud, and puddles.


The unique and extraordinary designs would help in ground running better.


Enhance every step you take by looking good & feeling great at the same time.


To stand out, the sleek lines and the pointed edges shows how good the quality is.


  • Sole

  • Toe Cap

  • Insole

  • Upper Construction

  • Decorative Parts

  • Mid Soles (Laminated

  • Injected

  • Thermo-Formed)

  • Orthopedic Pads

Advanced Textiles & Composite Bonding

Advanced Textiles & Composite Bonding

As for the construction of the product, it depends on the materials used. Whether cotton, wool, aluminum, steel, wood, glass, EVA or Kevlar, our adhesives can be used on a variety of materials that would normally be incompatible when bonding.

Features & Benefits


With a wide range of materials, solve all your challenges.


Transiting seamlessly from the ordinary to the extraordinary.


Ensure all features in the design is durable & resilient.

Light Weight

Materials are given a flickered touch.


  • Mattresses

  • Metal Building Panels

  • Solar Panels

  • Athletic Lettering

  • Anti-Ballistic Composites

Building & Technical Applications

Building & Technical Applications

The building industry currently uses several types of adhesives that Kyotex Thermo offers. It is a practical and economical technology that has the potential to enhance design flexibility. Although it is challenging to assign a single classification to every product, we are delighted to provide you with some samples of adhesives which could help you

Features & Benefits


Cost effective


Reduced wrinkles & Pleads, Increases Embossing, Perforation Quality.


Strong Adhesive fastness, Sturdy bonds stay in shape throughout.

Sound Insulation

For noise insulation with light weight solution.

100 % recyclable

Matching with fibers used our adhesive can make product 100 % recyclable.


  • Roofing membrane - Roofing

  • Sealing

  • Geotextiles and Covering & Protective Fabrics

  • Acoustic resin bonded felts - Insulating Material

  • Home carpets.

Metal Coating

Metal Coating

Industrial mechanical parts are frequently exposed to severe temperature variations, weather conditions, chemicals, and mechanical impacts. Under these circumstances, these parts are at risk of rapid corrosion and degradation if their surfaces are not treated. Kyotex Thermo has created coating powders with polyester and polyamide bases that provide enduring surface protection even in the worst environments. The coatings have electrical insulation, tolerance to mild acids and alkalis, and thermal resistance up to 90 °C. It is not necessary to use a primer because of their excellent adhesive characteristics.

Features & Benefits

Highly Efficient Coating

Homogenous smooth flowing protective film.

Corrosion resistance

Excellent corrosion protection.

Durability in extreme condition

Chemical & extreme weather protetection.

Wide range of applications

Different particle size & product mix suitable for Mini Coating, Fluidized bed coating & spray coating.


  • Garden furniture

  • Metal Fences

  • Playground Equipment

  • Battery tray covers

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Bra wires

  • Dish washer etc.

Furniture & Flooring

Furniture & Flooring

With Kyotex Thermo one can choose from a wide variety of cutting-edge items in a wide range of industries. Adhesive particles are used in situations where you least expect them, like while sleeping, working, and relaxing. The material that adds to a mattress's functionality, feel, and durability is called the ticking. With adhesive powders, the decorative fabric is fastened to the foam or the wood. Your feet would feel warm and comfortable on a carpet. These carpets frequently have coarse adhesive powders on the backing to produce a finishing underlayer or to bind them to another non-woven fabric.

Features & Benefits


Reduced wrinkles & Pleads, Increases Embossing, Perforation Quality.


Strong Adhesive fastness. Sturdy bonds stay in shape throughout.


  • Flat bed

  • Furniture

  • Carpets

Transfer Printing

Transfer Printing

Kyotex Thermo offers a wide array of specialty adhesives to help for the heat transfer on various range of textiles, leather etc where it can pass high wash & heat resistance to transfer on temperature sensitive materials , our products are used in sportswear, work wear etc , its very popular to be mixed with various inks & gels for the foil, flock & other applications.

Features & Benefits

Excellent compatibility with all ink system

Adhesives are compatible with PVC, plastisol, Acrylic and PU type of ink.

Special Grade of Black powders

Reduction of Dye stuff Migration

High elasticity and flexibility

TPU adhesives have high flexibility & elasticity used for highly elastic fabrics, it outlasts garments.

High Abrasion and wear resistance

Our product can be used for the products like work wear & other application where high abrasion resistance needed.

Good Adhesion to Various substrates

With wide variety of product range wide range of material.


  • Elastic fabrics

  • Clothing

  • Sportswear

  • DTF application

  • Footwear

  • Leather goods etc.

Bio Based & Bio Degradable

Bio Based & Bio Degradable

New age products performance similar or better than current products, essentially bio-based, our excel in biodegradability and composability, providing drop-in solution to achieve better sustainability goal. Environmentally friendly, some grades food contact approved, lot of products under development & new applications are developed based on the market need & application.

Features & Benefits

Bio Degradable & compositable grade

Helps to achieve sustainability goal.

Food Contact grade

Suitable for cosmetic industry.

Robust & Reusable

End products are reusable & recyclable.

compatible with natural fibers

Can be used to bond all type of natural fibers.


  • Garment & shoes interlining

  • Bonding with natural fibers for carpets

  • Apparels

  • cosmetics etc