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Designed to accommodate a range of assembly needs, these adhesives are well-suited for bonding flexible, semi-rigid, porous, or absorbent substrates. They offer versatility for diverse applications. Characterized by regular and uniform structures, they ensure consistent performance. The structure brings can bring higher bonding performance compared to other forms. Additionally, depending on the specific structure, they provide increased flexibility and breathability, catering to a wide array of requirements.


Co Polyamide based NET, which can be supplied with or without carrier are high performance product, with high heat resistance & dry cleaning resistance, with high breathability used in applications for Automotive industry, Car seat covers, Shoe/leather , leather foil, garment interlining & many others .

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits


Due to its unique structure flexibility is higher.

Dry Cleaning Resistance

Very high washing & dry cleaning resistance.

Excellent bonding

With its unique structure bonding is excellent compared to same weight of web or film.

thermoplastic polyurethane NET

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is soft , flexible in nature used for various application for bonding of flexible material specially used in intimates, innerwear, sportswear etc they are also used in footwear , Automotive industry as well. We have both aliphatic & aromatic grade of TPU nets which can be available in various GSMs,

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Soft & flexible in nature

Due to its structure & TPU this are very flexible & soft in nature.


End product will have excellent compression & bounce back.

UV resistance

Our Aliphatic TPU are UV free & non yellowing in nature.


Highly elastic in nature.