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Thermoadhesive films have a wide range of uses, from textiles to aluminum foil or PVC to PU foam. They can do more than just bond – they can seal, stiffen, or waterproof. These films are perfect for bonding large flat surfaces efficiently, whether continuously or in batches. Additionally, slit adhesive films provide textiles with flexibility and a soft touch while ensuring reliable processing, along with benefits like improved sound insulation and bubble-free lamination.

polyolefin FILM

Polyolefin based are combination of various polymer & customized based on the application in various industry, they have wide temperature range & can be adopted as per textile which needs to be coated & laminated. They are used majorly in Garment, footwear, leather, Automotive etc.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits


Co Polyester film has adjustable flexibility, cost effective , slow to fast crystallization speed & it has high plasticizer resistance. widely used in automotive, Carpet , transfer printing ,Building & other Industries

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Adjustable Flexibility

Can be used on various substrates.

High Plasticizer Resistance

Used for PVC, leather applications.

Excellent Resistance to Oils and Greases

Can be used on difficult substates.

thermoplastic polyurethane WEB

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is soft , flexible in nature used for various application for bonding of flexible material specially used in intimates, innerwear, sportswear etc they are also used in footwear , Automotive industry as well. We have both aliphatic & aromatic grade of TPU films which can be available in various GSMs.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Abrasion resistance

Used in automotive & shoes applications.

Elasticity & flexibility

Applications in lingerie, under garments & lycra fabrics.

Low temperature

Our Aliphatic TPU are UV free & non yellowing in nature.

High Elongation

Can achieve elongation more than 500 %


Co Polyamide based film, which can be supplied with or without carrier are high performance product, with high heat resistance & dry cleaning resistance used in applications for Automotive industry, Car seat covers, Shoe/leather , leather foil, transfer printing , garment interlining & many others

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

High Performance Product

Can be used in application in extreme conditions.

High Heat Resistance

Can be used in application where heat resistance is needed.

Dry Cleaning Resistance

Can be used where dry cleaning is must.

Excellent Bonding

Best bonding with wide range of substarates.